Community Creation

National housebuilders are the primary source of housing delivery. However, groups that deliver thousands of properties might not be able to produce the most innovative design and quality that smaller bespoke groups are able to.

We believe in an alternative approach.

Instead of just having a regulatory role through the planning system, we believe the community and the Local Authority should be at the centre of the process, involved as partners, generating profits that can be enjoyed by everyone. Our entire ethos is based upon engaging with local people and using ‘patient’ private money to allow the local community to design, build and benefit their new settlement.

Quantum's approach embodies four fundamental principles with a modern financial model to increase value and revenue for all:


Collaboration to align interests of all stakeholders – community, Local Authority, land owners and commercial partners


Engagement with communities and Local Authorities from the outset to define a shared vision framework for delivery and put control in the right hands


Commitment to achieve long-term goals for governance, sustainability and economic success, delivering a positive and legacy for future generations


Shared gains to ensure all stakeholders benefit from the value they help to generate

Quantum’s strategy of long-term commitment and 'patient money' ensures that all parties are invested in the outcome and share in the value and benefits created

  • Meaningful public engagement informs the entire process
  • Jointly establishing a strong vision and structure
  • Accelerated delivery of development
  • Greater diversity of architecture and attention to design
  • Significantly increased revenue for Local Authorities
  • Optimum mix of affordable and high-value housing
  • Value is kept within each community
  • Economically resilient community and business ecosystem


A fundamentally different approach to the commercial operation of long term strategic development, generating many times more profit for local authorities and stakeholders.

  • Local Authority has control over design, delivery and housing land supply
  • A host of players working within a clear framework that provides scope for innovation and creativity
  • Federation of local SMEs and self-builders encouraged and enabled to create a rich mix of development
  • Supporting innovative delivery methods, e.g. off-site construction
  • Engage elected community leaders for larger sites to identify with, promote and lead, community creation from the outset
  • Meet the full range of housing needs through the right blend of affordable and aspirational high value housing solutions
  • Provide intermediate forms of tenure for all incomes not on the housing ladder
  • ‘Care-ready’ homes and easy to access facilities available for those who need them


Quantum co-invests in every development, utilising bespoke financial models to combine a highly commercial approach with the most effective elements of existing funding and support structures.

  • Advisory Team for Large Applications (ATLAS)
  • HCA support for community-led housing
  • Custom Build Serviced Plots Loan Fund
  • Large Sites Infrastructure Fund
  • Starter Homes
  • Affordable retirement housing
  • Build-to-Rent Fund

See how an alternative approach creates more value