Exceptional Investments

Impeccable Track Record

Core to our achievements is our track record of profitability.

Over the past two decades, we have constructed a range of bespoke investment vehicles for our partners. Delivering returns aligned with their goals, we optimise risk and reward to deliver income, growth, capital preservation, or indeed a combination of all.

We are proud to have generated, on average, 18% IRR and 59% ROC.

Security, stability, reward

In these times of uncertainty, we continue to design our investments around the needs of our partners.

We recognise the requirement for income and safety remains, so our newest investment vehicles are designed to be defensive, generating positive and predictable returns, irrespective of market conditions.

  • Premium income property assets
  • High asset coverage ratios
  • Pipeline of stock to deploy funds
  • Strong supply and demand dynamics
  • Co-invest alongside Quantum capital
  • Priority returns over Quantum capital
  • Ethical and good for society
  • Tax efficient structures
  • Zero management fees
  • Suitable for SIPPs, Trusts, EBT