Creating Value

Quantum’s collaborative ethos forges alignment of interests with all our partners. Working together towards a shared vision, we create greater value and many more benefits, than working independently.

  • Land partners see their assets generate positive social outcomes as well as higher financial value, enhancing their reputation within local communities
  • Investment partners share in unique opportunities to gain outstanding capital growth and sustainable long-term income
  • Community partners share in new homes for the elderly population, best-in-class healthcare facilities, increased employment, economic stability and social prosperity

Maximum value, minimum risk

Every operational aspect is delivered by our specialist in-house teams, giving us full control of cost, timescale and quality. This remarkably effective approach is complimented by the best financial and legal advisors, enabling us to identify opportunity and risk; making our ventures safer and quicker to completion.

Removing unnecessary third-party intermediaries, controlling timelines and procuring supplies at source, enables each development to achieve maximum value and deliver the highest standards of customer service.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Value is created during every phase of the development cycle


We choose land sites that have the potential to deliver long-term economic and social value.

  • Joint venture partnerships with land owners deliver more value
  • Bespoke approaches for complex or restricted sites

We establish meaningful relationships with local communities

  • Community benefits considered at the outset
  • Engage local people to listen and understand the community’s needs and concerns
  • Generate overwhelming support for Quantum planning applications

We design architecture in harmony with policy and local environment

  • Satisfying central Government and Local Authority strategy
  • Developments are designed for end user requirements
  • Community benefits fully designed-in

We build high quality properties on budget, on brand and on time

  • Full control of quality, cost and speed of delivery
  • Effective procurement direct from source
  • Local subcontractor management
  • Full control ensures development cycle is de-risked

The heart of Quantum’s culture, is its in-house Sales and Marketing Team

Their role is to understand every facet of our customers’ needs, delivering not just the product, but services to enrich lives in all our developments.

Together with supported services to alleviate the stresses of the moving process, 2 unique home exchange offerings, providing a full market value, have been established; Platinum Skies Mover and Platinum Skies Exchange.

In addition, Platinum Skies Shared Ownership, a groundbreaking product bespoke to Quantum, offers the latest innovation to enable downsizing purchasers to maximise their equity release.

We establish vibrant communities around a hub of Quantum-operated amenities and services

We establish vibrant communities around a hub of Quantum-operated amenities and services, each specifically designed to improve the lifestyle, health and wellbeing of our customers.

From on-site specialist lifestyle support, to a 24/7 Customer Care operation, we confidently contribute towards the improved quality of life and reduced living costs of our residents.

Ongoing healthcare and property investments provide long-term annuity

  • Investment in real UK economy
  • Safe and secure long-term income and capital growth
  • Economic gains are shared with Quantum partners