Making a Difference


  • Quantum Group is unique; vertically integrating Property Development with Care Operations and Fund Management
  • Each division shares a clear and fully aligned focus on producing high quality, good value products that are 100% fit for end user requirements
  • Empowered with complete control, the Group achieves commercial equilibrium to generate sustainable, profitable long-term returns

Our vision is focused on four fields:


Quantum is a provider of affordable housing and extra care on a mission to revolutionise retirement living in the UK


Quantum designs and manages healthcare property investments to deliver safe and predictable returns


We design, build and operate private care homes focused on delivering clinical excellence


Development expertise and funding infrastructure to facilitate delivery of locally-led communities



  • Quantum’s collaborative approach aligns the interests of all stakeholders to establish successful partnerships
  • In-house property, healthcare and investment experts create beautiful environments that enhance wellbeing and social prosperity
  • Our blueprint is to generate safe and sustainable long-term value and to share the gains with our partners

Shaping landscapes, enriching lives 

Our passion for creating beautiful environments is matched by our dedication to delivering clinical excellence and affordable homes for the UK’s retired population.

We provide solutions to some of the key issues facing society today:

  • Slowing the growth of the national elderly housing crisis
  • Relieving the strain on state-funded Adult and Social Care Services
  • Freeing up family-sized homes to the property market
  • Creating sustainable new businesses and employment
  • Driving community engagement and social interaction
  • Increasing the value of land and property
  • Maximising environmental sustainability
  • Building beautiful places that boost social prosperity

Building on strong foundations

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Using research and insight, we have aligned their needs with the interests of our partners. The result; private investment flows directly into the real economy, creating vibrant new places where people choose to visit, are proud to work and want to live.

We make a lifelong commitment to the communities we create, by producing sustainable developments – Economically, Environmentally, Socially – propelling us towards our business goal of generating market-leading income and capital growth.

On strong foundations, we are building a positive and prosperous legacy for future generations.

See where we’re making a difference