Our Purpose

  • Quantum vertically integrates investment management, property development and specialist elderly care.
  • This unique commercial equilibrium delivers beautiful new environments and great value for everyone.
  • From concept to construction to care provision, our customers’ wellbeing and wealth is paramount.
  • Every day we strive to make truly affordable, life-affirming places where people choose to visit, are proud to work and want to live.
  • We build new communities in locations where investment in social infrastructure has the potential to deliver secure, sustainable annuity.
  • Our goal is to create wonderful places that make our customers’ lives better whilst delivering long-term economic value and growth.


Skilled, rigorous and purposeful, Quantum has the drive and resources to properly gauge opportunity across alternative property sectors and provide clear, credible value paths.

  • Established in 1998, Quantum has evolved into a leading alternative asset-based investment manager with a focus on affordable housing and healthcare in the elderly sector.

  • Quantum’s strategy is to invest funds directly into real estate development and social infrastructure via two highly effective businesses which operate in a sector that has stable, needs-based market dynamics.


  • Through the vertical integration of investment management, property development and customer-centric operations Quantum delivers exceptional asset-based income streams that are traded for capital gains.

  • Quantum’s blue-chip executive team has a first class track record in running investment funds and structuring real estate deals that have delivered reliable and predictable returns to investors over the past two decades.


  • At the heart of Quantum’s operations is our belief that by creating great value for our customers we can deliver great value to our investor partners – this holistic approach allows High Net Worth Individuals and Institutions to invest responsibly and enjoy great returns.

  • Our business model perfectly aligns the needs of our customers with the needs of our investing partners to deliver wonderful new environments and exceptional value for all.



Quantum invests funds directly into development and social infrastructure via two highly effective businesses which specialise in the elderly housing and healthcare sector.


Quantum is a hands-on investment manager with development and operational expertise of two specialist sectors.

  • The right source of capital is deployed at the right phase of development/operations.
  • This provides investment opportunities right across the spectrum; from speculative land deals to long-term annuity income.
  • Our integrated approach ensures a steady flow of pipeline deals and provides certainty of transaction for all parties.
  • Assets are traded at the most appropriate time to drive out risk and maximise returns.


Our goal is to create wonderful environments which enhance the lives of our customers whilst delivering long-term economic value and growth.

We contribute direct solutions to society’s challenges and build a prosperous and sustainable legacy for future generations.

  • Create specialist elderly care and dementia facilities
  • Provide affordable housing solutions for the elderly
  • Reduce demand on the state for elderly social care
  • Generate long term annuity for pension funds
  • Create jobs and contracts for local SME businesses
  • Free up family-size homes to the property market
  • Regenerate underused land and property assets
  • Reduce rates of delayed transfer of care (bed blocking)
  • Reduce loneliness and boost wellbeing for the elderly
  • Build beautiful environments that enhance social prosperity

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