Right now, the elderly housing sector is in crisis. But the property and investment specialist Quantum Group is working with high net worth individuals to build a better future for the UK’s ageing population – one which is a win-win for everyone.


Dilemma for our ageing population

It’s an incredible fact that whilst our society is acutely aware of its ageing population, little progress has been made in enabling our elderly to live healthy, independent lives within a supportive community, in homes that are both desirable and affordable.

The problem is compounded by a shortage of suitable new homes and an absence of real innovation in the sector, both in the design of buildings and the provision of quality lifestyle and care services that ease the transition into later life.

Furthermore, no real progress has been made in solving the ‘asset rich, income poor’ dilemma facing millions. So whilst 50% of the retired would like to move to a more suitable environment for their changing needs, only 2% actually do.




Building a brighter future

Quantum Group has a unique solution. The group’s retirement living business Platinum Skies is creating communities where health and well-being are paramount, where low purchase costs and low running costs allow residents to fund their lifestyle and care, and where residents can live independently in their own beautiful new homes for longer.

Platinum Skies is a for-profit Registered Social Landlord that operates an innovative Older Person’s Shared Ownership scheme. The business delivers a solution that is helping generations of Last Time Buyers to balance their Income, Assets and Care.

A revolutionary property ownership solution that enables homeowners to unlock much greater capital than current equity release or traditional downsizing options typically yield.




A unique proposition

Quantum Group has created a housing solution that benefits our ageing population, while providing a long-term property asset base, income stream and capital growth for investors.

It’s a lucrative way of transforming land into annuity through the development of best-in-class retirement living communities.

Land acquisition, design, planning and construction is funded exclusively by investment from high net worth individuals (certified sophisticated investors only). Investment is secured against premium land and property assets.

On completion of developments, Quantum sells c.50% share of the asset to its institutional investment partners, who are seeking sustainable inflation-linked annuity secured against property assets and rental income generated from long leases of the shared ownership tenants.

It’s at this stage that Quantum shares net gains from development with their initial HNWI partners. Since 1999 Quantum has delivered on average +15% IRR and +50% ROC for investors.

Platinum Skies is underpinned by both the rapidly growing market demand from last time buyers and by the global shortage of inflation linked annuity investments. Together this provides levels of security and certainty that make Platinum Skies a highly interesting and valuable investment opportunity.



This process rewards everyone involved

  • Elderly residents get outstanding new homes and are able to balance their assets, income and care in their later years.
  • Society as a whole benefits through the provision of new purpose built communities for the elderly and family sized homes being freed up to the open property market.
  • Institutional investors get a pipeline of high-quality property assets that provide long term annuity.
  • High net worth individuals get to make a secure and socially responsible investment, free of management fees, and see a healthy return.


‘Both Individual and Institutional investors are hungry for this type of investment,’ says Mark Dunne, Head of Marketing Quantum Group. ‘We’re creating investment, business and employment opportunities, and helping satisfy a demand for retirement housing that the old system simply cannot meet.’


For information on Quantum Group, Platinum Skies or forthcoming investment opportunities please email Mark at md@quantumgroup.org.uk

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